Message From The Foundation President

As president, it’s my honor to share with you the role and successes of the Foundation. In a very specific way, we exist to make life better for the citizens of the county by providing support for the Johnson County Park and Recreation District (JCPRD). Our support is necessary because District revenues and taxes don't cover 100% of the budget or dreams. Your donations to the Foundation allow us to offer the best parks, cultural offerings and recreation programming to Johnson County.

Doug Allen, Foundation President

Doug Allen,
Foundation President

With the support of our generous donors, we were able to double a portion of the gifts that helped open the Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center. We've facilitated land swaps and purchases that will one day be turned into beautiful parks for you to enjoy. And we're excited that we were able to play a part in bringing inclusive playgrounds to some of our parks, so that every child can enjoy their time in our space. 

Because JCPRD has been receiving national recognition for the amazing offerings we have, our plans and dreams just keep getting bigger. We want to help get these ideas off the ground (if not across the finish line) and so we're going to be working harder to raise the funds needed. Your support helps Johnson County stay among the best parks and recreation districts in the country.

Finally, we've been touched by the people who have chosen JCPRD to honor a loved one - typically someone who enjoyed a park or cultural activity and want to see that future generations continue to have memorable experiences. We're currently building an amazing observation tower with the help of a generous gift from the Means family. Others are remembering loved ones with anything from park benches to our museum. We encourage anyone who's enjoyed the amazing quality of our Parks and Recreation offerings to consider this kind of giving forward.

OK - that's enough time in front of your computer. Get out and enjoy nature at any one of the many beautiful, award-winning JCPRD parks!

Doug Allen
The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County